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Rules of Mystic Eclipse

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1. Respect & Kindness
Here at Mystic Eclipse we want our community to feel safe. Administration will not tolerate manipulative behavior, bullying or discrimination of any kind. Please use your social filter: if you wouldn't say it in person, don't say it online.

"I'm unkind in person, too." - Then you probably shouldn't be on our community.

"I'm not mean, I'm just honest." - Negative comments to deliberately cut someone down is not beneficiary, so do not use this as an excuse.

Here's a few things we consider manipulative, bullying and discriminatory:
a. Telling a user to do something that potentially could get them in trouble for personal gain
b. Taking advantage of new users to pick on
c. Deliberately guilt-tripping someone into doing something you want them to do
d. Making fun of someone's artwork, poses or rooms
e. Begging a subscribed user for deltas
f. Making fun of someone for their race, intelligence, speech, income, political standing, gender, sexual orientation, pronoun preference or religious/spiritual beliefs, etc.
g. Harassing our administration in any way (e.g negatively criticizing their performance, asking to be an admin, begging for Canvas Vigilance to check art, etc.)

Problem Solving Advice:
1. If you've accidentally made someone upset, don't get defensive right away. Listen to what they have to say and if it's justifiable, recognize your mistakes and apologize. If an apology is unnecessary, you can explain yourself without doing so. If you've tried to defuse the situation, call for an admin online to come assist you. You may ignore the user afterwards or continue your association with them. Don't let a bad confrontation ruin your day!

2. There's nothing wrong with putting your online life on hold. Tell your friends and customers that you need a break or you're busy, and come back to our community when you're ready to. Just because it's online doesn't mean it can't be as stressful as struggles offline.

2. Tolerance
Everyone has their own perspective on life and sometimes that's going to annoy you to no end. Everyone has a specific amount of ignorance - and education where it's appropriate is always needed, but know when it's best to just live and let be.

Tip: Don't talk about religion, politics, world epidemics and touchy subjects in public rooms unless you know you're in the right company. Touchy conversations can open up new perspectives and teach, but they can also turn ugly - so be weary when your perspective clouds the tolerance needed to avoid conflict.

3. Language & Flooding/Spam
Due to past experiences we insist our users to use English as much as they possibly can in public rooms. We understand English is a difficult language for many, and there's no rule against speaking another language - English is just preferred. Your logs may be translated!
a. Do not use explicit language or say sexual remarks in our public rooms. We are a 13+ community!
b. Do not flood the chat with unnecessary letters, CAPS, symbols, links, etc.

Tip: We've all accidentally posted an annoyingly long URL thinking it was shorter. A quick "." or apology will keep administration from correcting you.

4. Illegal Substance, Chatting Under The Influence & Advertising
a. Please do not talk about illegal drug use in our public rooms/boards.
b. Do not come online under the influence under any circumstance.
c. Do not advertise websites that contain explicit content such as nudity, illegal purchases and viruses. This is an immediate ban.

5. Death Threats & Suicide Scares - Important, don't skip!
a. We do not tolerate death threats. Administration sometimes will not know the difference between roleplay, jokes between friends or an actual threat so you will be dealt with accordingly. (If roleplay both parties have to confirm so.)
b. Any suicide scare will be taken seriously. We may obtain your IP address and refer you to a Suicide Prevention hotline/website. Depression is not cute and suicide is not a way to seek attention. It is a serious matter that is 100% preventable and will be handled as such. If you're feeling upset and need someone to talk to, you're welcomed to personal message a staff member - we ARE here to help you!

6. Anger from being Banned
a. Banned users on chat are able to access our community forums. Please do not discuss your ban or anyone else's in the public boards. That business is between said user and Mystic Eclipse's administration. 
b. If you're banned on the chat and forums, refrain from creating a second account to sneak in. This will expand your ban-duration.
c. If you've been banned permanently, do not have the "Well it wouldn't matter anyways." attitude. Ban appeals can be made over time and permanent bans can be lifted.
d. After reading the email that follows a ban, please fill out a Problem Ticket on our homepage for further questions about your ban.

Complaints or resentment towards our Administration
All of our team members are selected through careful observation, recommendation and consideration.

- If you're unsatisfied with one of our administrators, please message PLADYWOLF (the site owner) on the chat or through the forums with your complaint/experience.
You may file your complaint with an alpha if one is available. Contacting the owner is preferred to include all ranks.
- If you'd like to file a report against the the owner and her community, please email UNDERDOG (his information can be found here: Wolfhome's Forums)

You will not be banned or harassed for filing a complaint against Mystic Eclipse's administration. We're here to help you and we can only do that with further feedback from our community.

7. Art Theft
a. Do not claim artwork that isn't yours. Always keep trademarks/copyrights attached unless the artist has given you explicit permission to remove it (e.g for poses).
b. Do not sell artwork that you haven't created without explicit permission from the original artist or quote artist's terms of service with that you're selling.
c. Do not buy artwork you know is stolen.

If prominent that buyer was not knowledgeable of said stolen artwork, a ban will not be placed, however; the artwork will be revoked from the user and removed from the site. Mystic Eclipse's Owner and Administration are not held accountable for any unauthorized purchases including deltas, national (United States of America) and international currencies.

If something looks suspicious, ask an administrator or experienced Chatlands member before you purchase! Most members know fraud when they see it.

Tip: Mistakes happen for new users new to Chatland's art rules. If you're unsure about ANYTHING, please ask a Canvas Vigilant or any Mystic Eclipse administrator before further action. Warnings are more likely than bans if misunderstandings are prominent!

Tip: The Canvas Vigilance may do pose sweeps monthly/annually. It's important that you save your poses and a screenshot of their permissions in case they're removed from your possession!

8. Screenshots & Recordings
a. Screenshots are fun and should be posted on Mystic Eclipse/Chatlands forums to share moments and memories! However make sure you've announced that one has been taken, and make sure if there are other users in the room with you that they can be kept in it. If someone does not wish to be in your photo, please crop them out - they will be allowed to report you for unauthorized displayment.
b. If you're recording a video, please get consent from all the users in the room first before recording. It's very rare that someone will be displeased will being involved but you must respect their reasons. Other options are cropping or blurring the user out.

Mystic Eclipse's Rules may vary greatly from our sister Chatlands sites. Our Administration, Moderation and Event members use these rules to reference from when correcting or informing our community. Beat them to it by reading and memorizing them first!

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