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Wolfhome - 2D Avatar Chat website

Post  Ecru on Sun Apr 23, 2017 7:31 pm

(c) Unibee
This topic will be managed and updated by the Wolfhome Relations Team and Relations Team administrators.

Wolfhome is a 2D graphical chat site for users 13 or older! We have an array of beautiful rooms with a variety of different environments including forests, woodlands, tundras, volcanoes, caves and marshes to explore! We have 6 unique roleplay rooms to cater for our roleplaying members!

Wolfhome has a welcoming and open community with friendly and professional staff members. We strive to make our website and community to be at its best. Our active forum have a variety of events and contests in which our community members can participate, as well as a market, art gallery and community-driven discussion boards.

A snippet of just some of our rooms!

-Wolfhome's rooms allow for all species (excluding large props and inanimate objects), so you can chat and be yourself! We have an variety of unique and beautiful rooms to chat in.
-Users with an Ultimate subscription can override a full room, making the room 16/15 or 13/12.
-A variety of pose sets, including a newly cleaned classic set, jackal, timberwolf and modern light and regular for free users. A fox , fennec fox, coyote , golden jackal and wolf pup sets for users with a certain level of subscription.
-All rooms are set for users 13+. No age restricted rooms for older than the audience intended.
-An active, friendly forum environment, packed with events, updates and announcements and an artist market and gallery.
- A newly created Relations Team; a separate group of users, like the Event Committee, in charge of promoting Wolfhome!

Meet the Guardian and Guardianess!

The Guardian and Guardiness are Wolfhome's mascots. You may see them floating around on our forum from time to time. Our mascots are seen as more 'official' figures, posting important updates, rule changes or announcements. They are known to take part in some of the Event Committee's events from time to time!

Wolfhome Administration Staff:
Alphas: Akala, Clovette, Sessgo, Takatia
Betas: Aeolia, Achilles, Avani, Azriel,  Bedagi, Coyfox, Fik, Suspria
Gammas: Affliction, Bugfinder, Epilepsy, Kaliosa, Kuvi

Wolfhome Event Committee:
Aeolia, Anoruk, Artemis, Bedagi, Epilepsy, Fik, Hocus, Hygge, Little, maggot, Rhea, Sick, syzygy, Takatia, Xina

Wolfhome Relations Team:
Akala, Apostle, Clovette, Coyfox, Rooster, Rydein, Takatia, Voidrae

This will be updated as more changes and announcements come our way!

We have 3 newly updated rooms! Willow Marsh, Coyote Mesa and The Ruins,
special thanks to Ravi and Takatia!

Our Wolfhome Administrator Applications, Event Committee Applications and Relations Team Applications are currently open! Check out our Announcements Forum for more details!
Good luck to everybody who applies!

There are some exciting new updates coming to Wolfhome soon! We are looking forward to the changes to Wolfhome in 2017! A new Wolfhome map is on the way! Don't miss out!

You can read more about our new feature for ultimate subscribers here!

The Event Committee are hosting some exciting new events!

Spring Fever Writing Contest
If you're not a drawer, this event may be for you! Write a poem, story or song about love!
The winner has a chance to win 5.00 deltas; and you will definitely win a participation stamp!

Follow these links!:

We hope to see you on Wolfhome!

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Re: Wolfhome - 2D Avatar Chat website

Post  Ecru on Thu May 11, 2017 10:11 pm

Some new updates have hit Wolfhome!
Congratulations to Fik for returning to the Alpha team!
Also a huge congrats to MochaChu, Buzzard and Decidueye for joining the Event Committee!
We're excited to see what good these users bring to Wolfhome!

Also some rule updates....
Our roleplay death threat rule has been tweaked slightly. Roleplay death threats are now allowed in private settings only. That being said, they cannot be graphic in nature even in a private setting and are still not allowed in public rooms. This only affects death threats made in roleplay only. You can read more about this here!

After a successful trial period with revoking rule #22 on the forum, we have now completely revoked it from the site. All reports concerning ToS infringements much be reported with proof of infraction. The administration are no longer posting public rule 22 reminders on topics. Please visit this thread for more information!

There is also a new EC event running! The Wolfness Monster is running free around Wolfhome rooms!

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