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About Mystic Eclipse

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For questions about chat and forum functions,
please visit our default and modified FAQ here:


If the answer(s) you're looking for aren't listed above, create a
topic and a staff member will assist you as soon as they can!

Quick facts about Mystic Eclipse

When was Mystic Eclipse created and who's responsible?
Mystic Eclipse was created by artist pladywolf back in [date here].

How old do I have to be to join the community?
We require our users to be 13 years old or older. If you have set your birthday to the wrong age, your account will be temporarily banned until the age is fixed or you are of age.

What is Mystic Eclipse's goal?
Our goal is to create a safe, judge-free environment for users to chat and roleplay. We encourage originality and to assist in expanding one's imagination. We like to offer forum moderation and event planning opportunities so users can obtain the common knowledge necessary within the Chatlands community.

Our number one priority is to have a healthy and cooperative relationship with our users and staff. We strive for opportunities and equality in all roles involved for keeping Mystic Eclipse's community safe and friendly!

What's Mystic Eclipse's inspiration or theme?
Back in [date here], our theme was based off of all mythological creatures. In the past year this was narrowed down to WOODLAND mythical creatures. However we are now allowing mythical, newly created AND alien-like species!

What do the old locals think of Mystic Eclipse?

Are there specific rules?
Our rules are mostly based off of Chatland's standards. You may find our individually created Rules topics here:
Rules of Mystic Eclipse
Using the Market Plaza

Thanks for reading and enjoy yourself with our community!

- Mystic Eclipse Administration
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