Please read before you start browsing

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Please read before you start browsing

Post  Ecru on Wed Aug 05, 2015 5:31 pm

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Before you start looking for some free art, here are some things you should know:

● Art is only added if the artist allows it on "MYSTIC ECLIPSE" or "ANYWHERE".

● Please read the permissions (usually in quotes) before uploading the artwork.

● When uploading artwork in the uploader, please use these URLS (your artwork's approval will be processed faster since it's administration that look over and add these topics.)

● If you spot lost or unauthorized artwork, please alert an administrator right away.

● Many images in this board ARE NOT resized, cleaned and chat-appropriate. Please fix any errors before uploading for a faster, smoother art reviewing process.

● If you wish to have your own thread, please submit a topic TO THIS BOARD (or contact a forum administrator) with the pieces, rules and where you will allow the artwork, along with the statement: "Please turn this into an archive thread".

"deviant Username" indicates that it is highly probable the user does not participate on Chatlands, and will need to be contacted through DeviantART.

We thank you for reading and we wish you happy uploading!
- Mystic Eclipse Administration & Canvas Vigilance

Artists, other Chatland Administrators and Art Review Teams

The topics in this section are created and locked without validation. This is because we make sure the pieces are "Mystic Eclipse only" or "all chats". If you are uncomfortable or upset that your artwork has been posted on our forums, please personal message me or another staff member immediately and we will remove the thread for you. You will also have the choice to have our Canvas Vigilance revoke all active poses from our subscribed users. Thank you for reading and we apologize for any inconveniences!
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